Saturday, June 2, 2012

That's you.

People say that when someone in love with you, they will listen to your favourite songs, they will always agree in whatever choice you make for your self and others, they will always say YES no matter it is even though it is wrong, they will let you go for your happiness, they will never ask for a break ups, they will surely treat you like a queen even though you are not married to him yet and so on whatever it's connected. But in my case, you never wanted to hear my favourite songs cause you feels like it's my space for being me and you should not interrupt it, you were always LOVE my favourite songs when I dedicate them to you, we were always argue for EVERYTHING because you wanted simply the best for me even though it is not ours. You always get mad at me whenever I go out with my girlfriends because you afraid that I will be seeing other guys,you were madly jealous because you were madly in love with me. You were always DUMP me but at the same time you were HOPING that I'm not gonna agree with that. You were always get angry to me when I did not call or text you for once because eventually you were waiting my call and texts for the whole day. One thing I'm sure about you, whatever happen or come between us, you will never let me go even though you coolly tell me that you wanted me to be happy with it but you ACTUALLY wanted me to be queen in your heart forever, and that is you I know.
I ♥ YOU.

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